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SEEML currently does not have any open positions, but feel free to submit a resume if you'd like us to consider you for future openings at the Greenville, SC laboratory.

Environmental Analyst

Job Description:

Fungal spore identification and other microbiology and mycology analyses are provided through traditional microscopy techniques. Employing these techniques, the analyst examines samples (e.g. air, tape, wipe, dust and bulk samples) for potential mold spore content. The position involves the careful receipt and administration of incoming samples

Expected to adhere to approved procedures and policies and operate in accordance with SEEML regulatory commitments. Analyst will be responsible for detailed and accurate record keeping as described in data documentation procedures, and must accurately follow validated methods for testing of samples.

Expected to interact with customers (e.g., sample submitters) to ensure timely analysis of samples and to ensure prompt notification to customers regarding any testing issues or atypical data.

Expected to effectively prioritize workload to release test data and complete projects to meet customer timelines.

Job Qualifications:

BS degree (preferably in microbiology).

(Analyst will be expected to have good written and verbal communication skills to be able to clearly communicate with customers and to write clear and concise reports)

Experience in Microbiology, Plant Pathology, or Mycology improves employment chances, especially if the experience is gained in the analysis of molds/spores, bacterium, pollens, and related indoor air quality pathogens

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