• The distinguished services, knowledge and care you need.

  • Offering best,
    fast and accurate mold analytical services for air and surface samples

  • Offering best,
    fast and accurate asbestos analytical services that include PLM Bulk Analysis,
    PCM Air Sample, Vermiculite, Rocks /Soil and TEM Analysis.

  • Offering best,
    fast and accurate Bacteria analytical services that include Total Coliform/ E. coli,
    Enterococcus sp. and Sewage Screening.

  • Onsite analytical services and Consultative services
    provided by our team of experts

Welcome To SEEML

Welcome to SEEML, Inc., we are an environmental laboratory offering same day mold analysis and asbestos testing to professionals and home owners. Our mycology lab specializes in the analysis of Fungi, Mold, and Yeast commonly detected in air, surface, and bulk samples collected from schools, offices homes, hospitals, agricultural, and other work environments. Additionaly, the asbestos department offers several tests designed to fit the needs of our clients. Our laboratory offers extremely competetive pricing and provides access to a variety of analytical productss.

100% Customer Satisfaction

SEEML takes pride in providing its clients with top notch customer service in addition to quick and efficient reports. Our focus on customer satisfaction means no project is too large or too small. Whether you are a national corporation, local consulting firm, or a home owner, you can count on the same level of quality and commitment to excellence. You'll enjoy our dedication tin going that extra mile and taking time to provide our clients with personalized customer service not found with other laboratories. With a reputation for quality personal service, you won't go wrong choosing SEEML as your laboratory of choice.

Why Teaming With SEEML

  • Free business referrals.
  • Sampling supplies for selected items, at cost.
  • Highest level of data quality and accuracy in the industry.
  • Analytical capabilities that include specialization in mold analysis.
  • Help in data interpretation.
  • Accredited by AIHA-LAP, LLC. EMLAP, Lab # 173667.
  • Notification by email when samples are processed and completed.
  • All analysts are degreed Biologists/Microbiologists.
  • Seeml is accredits by National country laboratory accreditation program for PLM ( NVLAP lab code 201031-0)

Services We Do

Mold Services


Asbestos Services


Bacteria Analysis / Bacteria Tests

Analysis includes the identification Total Coliform bacteria and E. coli through a chromagenic substrate test method.


On-Site Analysis

SEEML is excited to offer on-site Direct Microscopic Examination for the analysis of surface samples (Tape, Swab & Bulk).


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